What are signs and symptoms of periodontal disease? Do you have periodontitis without knowing? Gum disease is a common infection that can lead to tooth loss but often lacks severe symptoms. Gum sensitivity and bleeding are among the most frequent signs of gingivitis and periodontitis. Find out information about etiology, diagnosis of and treatment strategies of periodontitis.

Definition of periodontitis

Periodontal diseases result as a consequence of a breakdown in the normally homeostatic balance between the commensal microbiota and the immune and inflammatory systems of the tissues. Disease expression and progression reflects the interplay between the bacteria, the host’s immune system, and environmental factors. They are characterized by a a progressive destruction of the tissues supporting the tooth, mainly periodontal ligament and bone. The disease is currently considered to progress as periodic, relatively short episodes of rapid tissue destruction followed by some repair, and prolonged intervening periods of disease remission.

What are the main causes of periodontitis

Which factors can cause periodontitis

How is periodontitis diagnosed

All the different methods to treat periodontitis

What are the factors that cause periodontitis

All the different methods to treat periodontitis